August 11, 2011


Can you remember the day before the Raid? Capt Carter already told us what he was doing talking to the Colonels and Generals and getting us the extra stuff that ultimately saved our butts. What were you doing and what were you thinking? I had only be in country a little over a month before we went on the Raid. I remember that we all though that the next day we would go in “Kick butt and take names”. Needless to say that was not the case. We did what was asked of us because we were dedicated and trained to accomplish the mission. The problem was that no one realized exactly how many of the enemy that we engaged. A hell of a lot more than we had been told. So what were everyone’s thoughts the day before?




Charlie 11 Raiders

August 10, 2011

This is the initial post. We have set up this blog for anyone especially men of Charlie 1/1 who participated in the Raid on January 14th 1967. Feel free to say anything that you want, but beware that we will review it and reserve the right to take down anything we feel to be inappropriate.

We have implemented a new Blog that allows comments and posts without the need to sign in. You may leave your name in the blog or remain anonymous.

This is just a basic blog. If  you like it and there is some activity, we can enhance the blog capability!
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